Seriously.  Its Monday again, already?  Where on earth did our weekend go??

You guys are going to think all I do is cook and eat anymore.  And sometimes, I’d say you’d be right!  We had our friends over for the weekend, and while it is sadly devoid of pictures of activities such as a brewery tour and a baseball game, I did manage to take some delectable shots of food I made for you.  Aren’t I sweet?

Dusting some scones


Saturday’s spread


I’m really sorry for that last shot.  It was pretty mean of me to show you something so deadly delicious so early in the morning.  But I did it anyways.  You guys are serious troopers. Those brownies are a slightly tweaked (and 100% NOT Vegan) version of who else, but my new obsession.   Clearly, mine looked nothing like hers.  But they still tasted good enough for me to instruct Brandon to take the rest of them into work with him so they didn’t have to occupy my dining room table for longer than absolutely necessary.  They’re definitely one of those sweet treats you always seem to crave, but regret taking a larger piece of than you intended.


As for my Marathon Monday training update.


That should sum it up nicely for you, no?  Last week, I left you with the cliff hanger of “did she? didn’t she?” in regards to my 7 mile long run on Monday.  Which I did do.  I was super proud of myself, albeit cursing my “great idea” the entire time. Especially since I felt it was a great idea to do it after my lifting set.  Luckily, that time I was smart and remembered to bring my water along.  Which was heavy and annoying, but absolutely necessary.  I followed that up with a not-so-great 3 miler the next day.   The heat managed to kick my butt that go-round and I was happy to get back to my ac’d apartment.  And after that, I declared my Wednesday a well deserved rest day.  Which turned into a rest for the rest of the week.  I was hot, tired and had a pretty annoying muscle tweak in my hip.  Enough to make me favor it going up and down the steps.  And so it goes ad I didn’t get anymore runs or workouts in for the rest of the week.   I could blame the heat, working out outside in 100+ degree heat isn’t always a good idea.  But there’s always the gym, there’s always cross training and no matter how many times I may slow down or stop to take a walk, its always a workout in the books afterwards.

I do, however, put a huge portion of the blame of my lethargy on my food lately.  I have had a distinct lack of fruit, veggies and protein and whole grains, replaced with easy meals that  don’t always have “balanced and nutritious” in mind. (Ahem..see brownies above?).  There’s also been an alarming decrease of water intake these days, with more of a tendency to nurse  a cup of coffee for a day, instead of finishing the coffee and switching to water.

Given my direct link between what I eat and how I feel, I don’t have much hopes for today either.  This weekend’s gluttony (although, in retrospect, could have been FAR worse – but remains less than admirably healthy) has left me with all the more reason to lace up the running shoes and get out there and get it done, but no physical energy to do so.  So its back to the (have we heard this before?) conscious effort of what i’m eating, why and how this week.

And keep the fingers crossed for some cooler temperatures.

How was your weekend?





I made another round of roasted cauliflower this weekend.  I chose to spare you the details 🙂



I also made homemade peanut butter cups.


Yes.  I know you can buy them.  

But I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t  do things like this :).

These are adapted from yet another recipe from The Kind Diet, by Alicia Silverstone.  I’m not quite satisfied with them yet, but they’re still a tasty little indulgence sitting in my freezer.


Marathon Mondays

With all of the food posts lately, ya’ll are going to think the only thing I do anymore is eat 🙂  But I’ve been getting myself back into the routine of working out again, slowly.   Last week, I got in 3 of my shorter training runs, my yoga and both days of lifting.  I did a run/weights set on Saturday, which is unfortunate in that the only thing I wanted to do on Sunday then was enjoy the gray morning with some coffee, enjoy the afternoon watching some TV with my husband and avoid the humidity in the evening.  But I did all of this, with the little sneaky thought in the back of my mind that come today, I’d get my long run in.  Did I? Didn’t I?  You’ll have to wait until next Marathon Monday to find out :-O

Food wise, you’ve noticed I’ve been focusing a lot on some simple lunches filled with veggies and my dinners have been summer influenced dishes.  Lots of corn on the cob and salsa, plus a self-indulgent night of easy peasy pasta with some veggie- meatballs.   I’ve been pretty boring in the kitchen lately, but I find a lot of times in the summer, that happens with me.  I’m not in the mood to cook or be creative, to turn on my oven and bake something fun.  Right now its all about lite and fresh and SIMPLE, which is pretty healthy too, as it turns out.  We’ve been starting to get antsy though with our menu planning, so I feel a cooking change coming on soon.

What about ya’ll?  What do you do to get out of a cooking rut? 

It was definitely a “for me” kind of weekend, I got a hair cut, indulged in some retail therapy, took advantage of a networking opportunity (super outside my comfort zone) and here’s what else.

As for my Marathon Monday updates, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things (which is scary to me, because I don’t have much time to do things slowly if I want to run this Marathon).  I’m going to train for it to the best of my ability, but be smart about it too, if I’m physically not ready to run the race, I have to be mentally ready to admit that.  It doesn’t mean I’ll give up on the goal, its been made public as a point on my bucket list.  But for now, I’ll do my best to continue training.

Workouts:  For the past week, I’ve been battling what I think is a mild case of Bells Palsy.  Its a scary phrase to say partial paralysis of the face.  I woke up Monday morning last week and suddenly only half of my smile worked and I couldn’t close my eye fully.  This results in a sore jaw (if I try to talk a lot), sloppy eating (corn on the cob becomes dinner and a show for B) and a dry eye from time to time.  Add to all of this a frustrating inability to fall asleep and then STAY asleep, last week was rough, on both the psyche and the workout plan.  The good news is that first and foremost, it will get better and it IS getting better.  I still feel like a jerk that I can’t smile when I go out in public and its also kind of embarrassing, and even though I can close my eye, I can’t do it fully yet. So its really just a waiting game.  My friend said “when someone up there decides its time for you to slow down for a bit, they make sure you do”.  And that’s really what i’m taking this experience as.  Trying to rest a little more than usual and let my body heal.  BUT, that’s not to say I haven’t tried to stay healthy.  Although I haven’t made it to the gym for my body pump or yoga sessions (hoping to change that this week!), I lifted at home and did some yoga at home each day.  I also made it to the gym for some cardio, since running outside isn’t too smart, given my eye (the breeze dries it out and if something gets in my eye, I can’t blink it out).  I got in a good elliptical and treadmill workout.  Despite not being my favorite piece of equipment for distance runs, the treadmill does help with speed intervals .

Food:  I made a conscious effort this week to try and sneak in veggies for lunch and dinner and to snack on fresh fruit when I do snack.  I’ve also been drinking a lot of water lately and am glad to be back on my water weekdays kick.  Even though I’ve been skipping out on the salads these days, I’m still getting a ton of veggies in through simple veggie sautes for lunch and sneaking them in at dinner.


And that’s about it!  How was your weekend??



ps – for those of you keeping track of my Katie Learns to Cook series, I know I skipped yesterday, even though I had the chapter fully read (bad me!).   With the mindset of the weekend, it just felt better not having that as something I had to do.  I’ll have it up this week though and fully plan on staying on track as we continue!

Rest days

July 12, 2012

Rest days.

Rest days are VERRRRY hard for me.  I have an extremely active guilt complex and despite knowing that rest days are super important, especially when training for things, I can’t be the only person out there that finds them to be counter intuitive at times.  How can taking days OFF from working out, help you get BETTER at working out.   Its not that I don’t know the answers to questions like that, its just that sometimes they’re hard to accept.

And today, in case you couldn’t tell, is one of my rest days for the week.  And today, in case you couldn’t tell, i’m feeling particularly guilty about taking one.  I think part of this, is because I’m just starting to get back into the workout routine and I’m worried that by taking my day off, I’ll wind up back at square one.  But, in the name of good training, I am forcing myself to not workout today.  My muscles are sore and I know I could use the break.  Constant lifting, yoga’ing and cardio’ing, plus a long hilly walk last night has me beat.

So instead of working out, I treated myself to some kitchen time.


Making treats like these. No bake Chocolate Mocha cookies, ala one of my new favorite dessert blogs.   Don’t judge.



Although I can’t take credit for the recipe, I did make a few changes, mostly using regular flour instead of oat flour and upping the protein content by adding replacing the remaining 2 Tbsps of flour with Hemp Protein powder instead.   I also used up the last of my dark chocolate with cacao nibs bar instead of breaking into my chocolate chip stash.   The final switch was using instant espresso powder, rather than instant coffee, which I think may have added just a bit more of the flavor than coffee would have, but I can’t say for certain.

The cookies are small, but I couldn’t eat more than one of them, I don’t think.  They’re extremely rich, due to the dark chocolate and espresso powder, but that’s ok with me!  I’d rather have a few small bites of delicious than a lot of bites of “meh”.


You know, since its a rest day, and all.


Don’t judge.


This little girl is s.i.c.k. 😦 Or something like it.  I’ve been nursing a sore left neck/face for the past few days and its getting a little better, we’ve moved on from super sore to a little numb?  Weird.   In all honesty, I think i’d prefer the full on sore to the numb.  Lots of rest today!


This weekend we FINALLY worked our way back to Lancaster to pick up the two little four legged creatures.



Clearly they are thrilled to see us.

We also got to say hi to this sweet little thing, who has recently adopted Brandon’s parents.

Ladylike: youz doin it wrong.


And of course no weekend at home is complete without the requisite “mom you cooked too much” dinner.

Fruit, baked beans, asparagus, corn on the cob, veggie salads and a Field Roast sausage for me, yum! The best part about these dinners are that we somehow seem to acquire the leftovers!? 😀  Darn…

As for my Marathon Monday update…

I have been  L.A.Z.Y.  Does that count as a legitimate training week??   To be fair, vacation was last week and there was a LOT of walking and two bike rides, one 15 miler and a 25 miler.  So that counts for SOME cross training, but as far as miles logged on the road or treadmill – yikes.    Its probably been a good 1.5-2 weeks since i’ve pounded the pavement and there’s no excuse other than I just didn’t.  It was way too hot to safely and effectively run outside.  When you’re breaking 90 by the early AM, its not the time to run.  Luckily its supposed to cool off this week, so I’m ready to get back into it.

I was supposed to go to Body Pump this morning, but with the issues I’ve been having lately with the muscle fatigue, lack of sleep and soreness, I opted to try and get a little more rest – because I didn’t want to hinder, rather than help recovery.  I did feel guilty enough to fit in a small lifting workout this morning at home instead though.  Doing 3×10 sets with heavier weights for squats, tricep and bicep work and some shoulder work. I finished off with some dead lifts and  I threw in a few plank sets too for good measure.   It wasn’t a complete body workout like I love to get with Pump, but sometimes its nice to get some heavier lifting in too.  Plus, despite not making it to class, i still managed to get in a fairly decent lifting workout for the day.  Now…who wants to motivate me to start running?? 🙂



ps – Hail storm in the middle of a heat wave?  Ca-ray-zy.