Monday mishmash

January 14, 2013

When I was in college, one of my favorite meals to get was the pizza burger option.  So on Thursday night, when I was trying to figure out what to whip up for dinner using the things we had, I was a little excited when pizza sauce, frozen homemade veggie burgers and pita pockets made the list.  Super easy to make and probably easily modified.  For this option I kept it simple with  pizza sauce and melted “cheese”, next time, maybe i’ll go for some sauted onions and mushrooms.  Served with a side of my continued obsession, “cheezy” kale and sweet potatos.  Husband approved!

In other food news, while we were out this weekend, I grabbed some Almond Milk GREEK style yogurt to try (for the record, I have not been compensated in anyway for this mention, just raving about something new i’ve tried)  When I used to eat dairy, greek yogurt would be a go-to snack for me.  I never really liked the flavor or texture of non-dairy yogurt, so I simply avoided it.  But this “So Delicious” Almond Milk Greek style yogurt is awesome.  I started with Vanilla and truthfully, its like eating a thick vanilla custard, with no funny aftertastes that I sometimes get with non-dairy yogurt.   I sliced a bit of banana into it for lunch today and it was a nice guilt free dessert.  Honestly, its been so long since i’ve had this kind of texture, that eating a full serving is almost difficult.  And there’s definitely enough there to leave some for the afternoon.  Ive only been able to find the yogurt in one place and we don’t go there all that often, which makes this a perfect little “treat” for those days I feel like being a little indulgent.   Has anyone else tried it?

Other than that, our weekend was pretty standard and a bit lazy.  We got in a walk during some of the nicer – non-rainy weather, enjoyed a few DIY projects and the football this weekend really could not be beat, so many exciting (if not slightly anxiety ridden) games to watch.  I re-established my love for the BBC murder mystery series Inspector Lewis and put together a quickie Champagne Cocktail for a Sunday night treat.   I had some thoughts to get in dedicated workout time, but that gave way to a walk with B and some relaxing.  I am starting to get that itch to get moving and am seriously contemplating my brother’s offer to run a 10k with him in April. 

Here’s hoping for a far less tedious and agonizingly slow week than last week, eh?





Just popping in to say I hope you had a jolly good weekend. We got some gift shopping done, some wrapping and some diying. Not to mention a night out, a holiday party, work and football! I may not have gotten any legit workouts in as they’re typically defined, but I kept my food healthy and spent more than a few hours running around all weekend. I think that counts, legit or not 😉 Speaking of holiday parties, this was the first year I was invited to an at home work party. I took it as an opportunity to dress to the nines


I’m in love with these pants. I went for old Hollywood glamour. Oooh la la 🙂 Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Xo

We had a lovely, productive, relaxing and Christmasy (at times), filled weekend. 

  I got my girly on with a holiday inspired DIY manicure at home.  Its been awhile since my nails have been painted, so I splurged and picked up one or two new colors to add to my collection and had some fun. image

We also picked out and decorated our Christmas gree for the year.  We’ve made it a goal to get a special ornament from the important places we visit.  My mom can tell me stories about almost all of the ornmanents on our tree at home and its a tradition I’m hoping to carry on.  image

This is my cat.  She’s a lady. Can’t you tell?image

Two of my favorite tree ornaments.  Brandon and I were pretty adamant about not having things in our wedding that were just going to get boxed up and stored away never to be seen again.  So when it came to picking out a cake topper, we chose to indulge in our slightly geeky side and used these two hallmark ornaments instead of the traditional flowers or Lenox topper.  I kinda love them.  How’s THAT for a story to tell your kids? image

Cat #2, joining in on the holiday cheer!image

On top of all that, we made it out to the movies for what would be my first time in over 3 years.  We went to see Skyfall, my first time, Brandon’s second.  We’re big fans of the James Bond franchise and even though I haven’t seen either of the other two Daniel Craig Bond’s (ahem. ladies – helllooo eye candy), I did enjoy this movie – even if it did leave my head a little confused when it got to trying to sort out where this movie fell in the “Bond continuem” .  I think in the end we settled on series reboot, rather than prequels.   Its the only way it makes sense, even if they muddied the waters a bit using Dame Judi Dench as M (that woman owns my soul).

And now its Monday and I am unavoidably snarky.  I have a sneaky suspicion this has to do with my inexplicably puffy face, my inability to sleep past 5:15 this morning and general female discontent with my hair today.  That, and my fabulous weekend.  le sigh.

How’z about you?


This weekend I am looking forward to:

Catching up on some sleep I have somehow misplaced (although I’m feeling pretty good after an early bedtime, who would’ve guessed that?).

Coffee on the couch while snuggled up in my pjs still.


The chance for a trail ride with Brandon.

A glass of wine and homemade pizza tonight.


Dinner date at the Mt. Washington Tavern (Its BACK baby!).

Some down time which will include baking, crocheting and reading. 


Clearly I am in a good mood this morning.  I made it to the gym last night for some much needed cardio, and despite not having done anything specifically heart rate raising these past few weeks, it went well (A murder mystery on youtube via my phone didn’t hurt either 😉 )  Although, strangest thing – while at the gym, I watched a girl try to set up her laptop on the elliptical so that she could study while working out.  And while I say kudos to you for knocking two birds with one stone, print or write those notes out dear, because a gym is NO place for a laptop. 

I managed to sneak my butt out of bed and to the gym in time for a body pump class this morning after going to bed pretty early. I wasn’t too tired this morning when I woke up, so any excuse not to go was simply an outlet for laziness.  I did make a deal with myself though, since I did have things I wanted to get an early start on for work, I opted out of the last 20 minutes of the CXworx core class.  So I got to work a little early AND I still got in my strength training (which has definite elements of cardio).  I even came out with a new phrase “suck the muscle to the bone“.  Sounds so badass and yet, so inspiring.  So that’s my motto for the day.  🙂

Today I am thankful for the ladies that make it out to a 5:45 or 6 am or 7 pm class at the gym.  Because dang you are a great way to start or finish a day, despite all of the grumbling it takes for me to get there. 

Any phrases of inspiration for our readers out there to end their week with??

Time for a full day of work and home to a much earned glass o’ red.  🙂

Happy Friday and weekending my friends – I hope you have fun plans!


Oh weekends

October 29, 2012

This weekend Brandon and I took full advantage of a gorgeous Fall Saturday before settling in for the rainy windy hurricane weather we’ll be enjoying for the next few days 😉  You can tell we’re adults now, because the first thing we get annoyed about is how we may not be able to get things done at our respective jobs. 

Anyhow, I enjoyed an early morning workout, some antique browsing and a walk through one of our favorite parks to watch the dogs play.  Who knew a tennis ball could be so much fun??  I also picked up some resistance bands to add to my “at home” gym and enjoyed a few crochet projects, more than a few dishes that incorporated kale (its my new happy drug, I swear) and a fantastic bottle of wine. 

Lastly: a HUGE shout out to my friend Mike (you’ve seen his guests posts here before) for completing his FIRST half marathon – and he’s only been running for about a year!

Oh weekends!


Good moods all around!

October 12, 2012

Warning: I am in a ridiculously awesome mood.  From a good workout last night, ruining dinner, then saving dinner by improvising (SUCH a great feeling), the O’s coming through and making this a 5 game series against the Yankees (lets go Os!) all the way through to this morning, an early morning feel good workout (Bodypump!), a bright and chipper outfit and a cup of decaf sitting in front of me. Oh.  And its FRIDAY.  No big.

That’s a lot of chipper so lets take it a few at a time shall we?

Last night:

Since I’m not actively training for a race (does the Color run count?), I’m trying to focus on workouts that I want to do rather than the workouts on my training schedule (such freedom!).  It took a few weeks to break out of the routine and the mental bashing if I didn’t get in a sweaty hard and fast run 3X a week, but now I’m in a much better place when it comes to workouts and I’m looking forward to them again.  Earlier this week I hopped on the treadmill for a hilly 30′ walk and hit up my yoga class on Wednesday night. Yesterday, coming home from work I wanted a workout, but my knee has been a little sore lately, so I started off with 20 minutes of hills and resistance on the bike before switching over to the treadmill for 10 minutes of incline walking, 5 minutes of running and a 5 minute cool down.  Was it a full 40 minutes of solid running? Nope.  Did I feel great at the end? Yup.

So.  Lets talk what else happened last night.  Dinner happened.  My original plan was to make some stuffed poblano peppers.  In theory it worked, but I left them sit in the oven a little too long (oops) and since my husband had a rough day at work, I opted to admit defeat on this one and offer to run out and pick him up a frozen pizza.  The tough thing about eating Vegan is that you’re a little limited on frozen pizza options at the smaller grocery shops.  Womp Womp.  So instead of grabbing a frozen vegan burrito loaded with salt, I opted for an improvisation of my semi-failed dinner.  What I ended up with was a delicious version of a personal pizza (vegan) and used up some of dinner (the rest for lunch today!).  Not only did I have a meal that even B said looked pretty good, I felt pretty awesome about not wasting food.

Has anyone seen or tried the foldit breads from Flatouts?  I grabbed the 5 grain flax variety which are 99 calories, deliciously soft and vegan! Perfect for sandwiches or you know…failed dinner fixes.  I just spread some tomato paste on one, chopped up one of the stuffed poblanos and threw it on top.  Into the oven to crisp up (which it did perfectly, I might add) and boom!  DIY impromptu vegan pizza. 

I finished off the night with one of these puppies.   I can and have made my own, but these are like a slightly richer version of a reeses.  And sometimes convenience just wins out.  So good. 

This morning:

I had my usual 5:45 Bodypump + CRX workout class.  It wasn’t as crowded as usual this morning, which made it nice for some more interaction with the other girls. 

Afterwards I felt so great that I thought about it long and hard and opted to indulge in a cup of decaf coffee for the morning. 

You may think this is no big deal, but here’s the thing.  Since last Tuesday, I’ve been trying to filter out the coffee and caffeine consumption, trying to learn to make the distinction between wanting the coffee and being addicted to caffeine.  Surprisingly ( to me) the detox hasn’t actually been that difficult.  I went for green tea last Tuesday and switched to herbal teas for the rest of the week.  I haven’t really missed the coffee OR caffeine (and mint tea is so envigorating anyhow!).  I indulged in a small cup on the weekend and it definitely made me a bit more jittery than usual.  So this morning, after not craving coffee at all, the weather was crisp, I was in a great mood and just felt the need for something alittle richer and cozier.  But I wasn’t tired, I was wide awake and I in no way wanted the caffeine.  So with all of that in mind, I felt great in indulging in a steamy cup of decaf (who AM I?!) with some creamy hemp milk.  Its the perfect way to jump start my weekend!  Well, that and a bright pink scarf

bright colors make me smile!

and this adorable face:

Seriously.  Kills me every time. 

Speaking of weekends, I’ve got a semi-busy one planned with an evening of kitchen goodies, baseball games and a day trip up to Lancaster on the books.  How about you??  Anyone else trying to cut back the caffeine and coffee?


Happy Friday, Indeed!

August 31, 2012

Its FRIDAY! 🙂 And what makes Friday even better?  A three day weekend folks – yup!  Does it seem like the week before a holiday weekend are always just a little bit harder to get through for anyone else too?  Jeepers.

After a two days of solid work in the beginning, my week settled out pretty well, so I took advantage of the extra breathing room to bring myself back up to speed on the workout routine.  Like I said yesterday, I haven’t quite kicked myself back into early am running, but I’ve managed to fill my week with a workout each day.  Here’s how it turned out:

Monday: Got my butt out of bed and to a second consecutive week of Bodypump.  I really have missed starting my day with the girls in the class and the instructor.  Even though I don’t know them personally, there’s something about the motivational comments, the mutual grimaces, sighs of relief and blood pumping music that screams “best way to start a week” to me.  This was also the morning that I realized I am sadly out of practice with green smoothie makings.  Clumpy and tasteless, but it held me over until lunch.  Yikes.  Bonus?  I could walk like a normal human being afterwards.

Tuesday:  Here’s where I almost gave in.  The idea of hitting the gym after an exhausting day of work with only myself to motivate me through a simple 30 minutes of cardio.  I gave myself until after dinner to relax a bit, get back some energy from dinner and walk out that door before I could decide to “wait until tomorrow” to get back to it.  I ended up with something closer to 35 minutes (I’m a weirdo and HAVE to finish my workout on an even time and mile).   

Wednesday: Wednesday pushed myself to get out the door and a little early so I could fit in a 20 minute elliptical session before my yoga class, which felt great.  I think when its possible, I’m going to try for this more often.  Especially with a forced 1 hour stretch session afterwards.  Yoga this week had a KILLER downward dog series that if you follow me on dailymile, you’ll know had my shoulders screaming at the end.  I am in awe of anyone who considers that a rest pose.  Yow.zas.  But the core workout was great and I felt stronger than I have in weeks. 

Thursday:  Just another simple 30 minute session on the elliptical.  I’ve focused on a cardio exercise with less impact to start back up again with this week.  I want to get my body reacquainted with endurance and cardio workouts before I start filtering back in the running.  Happily, I’m starting to feel that urge to work a little harder, so I think I may incorporate some runs next week.  This go-round though, I tried out the “reverse workout” function.  5 minutes forward and 2 minutes in reverse.  It starts out ok, but 2 minutes of reverse on an elliptical can get ROUGH, especially when you up the resistance.  Rounded out the workout with a cooldown, totaling 35 minutes and 4 miles.    I topped the night off with a big bowl of bulgur wheat, grilled veggies and tofu (FINALLY). 

Friday:  The last big test of the week, the 5:45 am Bodypump+CxWorks gym class.  45 minutes of lifting and 30 minutes of core work with resistance bands and weights, etc.  First things first – I WENT.  Secondly, I think I held a plank/hover today for the longest I have ever done (with toe/knee taps mixed in!).  I kind of wanted to throw up a little afterwards.  But I’m ridic proud  of doing it.  Oh and one more thing?

(holy bad angle, batman!)

I’m getting a lot better at those smoothies…round 2 was green and delicious.  Thank you, ripe banana, thank you.

Smoothie: Almond milk, handful of spinach, flax seeds, Maca root powder, hemp protein powder, P2B Chocolate PB, a dash of vanilla and 1 bananananananana.  Werd.   (I followed with a coffee chaser 😉 )

I am happy, I am awake and kind of excited that my abs are finally coming back out to play.  So lets start the countdown for the holiday weekend, kids!  We have lots of plans for friends, cookouts, breweries and fun. 

Since we’ll be on the go a bit, I think i’m going to whip up these little beauties tonight, so we can have something healthy to enjoy with our coffee or just grab and go for the drives.   

Who’s got fun weekend plans??


ps – Check out these photos from CNN.  I think numbers 3,6, 11 and 15 are my favorites.