My 100%

November 15, 2013

I read somewhere once that you should always give 100% everyday to whatever it is you’re doing.  But the kicker, is that what is your 100% one day may be nowhere near your 100% the next day.

That, I have found – is so so true.

The good news is that my trip to the dentist was remarkably uneventful – I say remarkably, because the level of sensitivity and pain in my teeth was enough to have me double over at different points in the day.  If you know me, you know my tolerance for dental pain is also pretty dang high.  I’m not being a hero, rather the opposite.  I hate going to the dentist, so I have adapted to tolerate almost any level of pain in order to avoid it.  Case in point:  I let an abscessed tooth go for over at least a year – and I’m willing to bet longer than that.  So I put on my brave face and called up the dentist.  Turns out – the pain wasn’t an abscessed tooth, but in all probability a nasty sinus infection that I’d been fighting off for a few weeks now, that suddenly decided it wanted to be BFFs with the nerves running to my teeth.  Thanks for that.

So – while the dentist was thankfully uneventful (I did stay for my cleaning though! Gotta be better about these things.), i’m still left fighting off this sinus infection that isn’t symptomatic enough to warrant antibiotics, but pesky enough to make this blast of cold weather we’re having one of the most painful to date.  I try to keep my medication overload to a minimum, choosing instead to fight unhealthy with healthy.  But my efforts have certainly been a bit subpar to my normal standards.

So this week, my 100% looked like significantly lower intensity workouts and zero traditional cardio (the movement set my teeth throbbing).    I lifted far less weight than I normally would aim for.  But I worked out.   And I attempted to have nutritious and healthy balanced meals each night.  Sometimes, my 100% was a bowl of soup, but soup with greens and protein.  Sometimes, like last night, my 100% looked like a heaping bowl of pasta, a beer and NO workouts.  Turns out, I’d been blaming a lack of motivation and will power when it was probably my body saying “‘scuse me, but you’re sick, yo”, ok and maybe a little bit of lack of will power 🙂

Yes, I probably could have pushed a little more this week, but in the end – I would’ve been even more miserable than I already was.  I am proud that I got in my workouts and plan to keep on getting them in.  I’m ok that I have to modify them right now, because its not the end all be all of workouts and it feels better to do something than nothing.  And eventually, when I’m feeling better, the workouts will ramp back up.  But for now, this girl just wants to sleep! Its reassuring and kind of cool to be able to acknowledge a mental progression of sorts.  A year ago, I would’ve been so angry with myself for not putting in a full workout I had planned.    Growing up is cool.

Happy weekending y’all!




Dear Friday, welcome back

February 17, 2012

Three cheers for Friday!!! 🙂

Day three of fighting this cold and at least I can say that it hasn’t really gotten worse.   Its been a pretty consistent cycle of wake up clogged and stuffy, have a strong run in the morning and lose my energy mid-afternoon.  Lucky for me and my training schedule, i’m pretty stubborn.  I’ve been able to hit each goal for this week training wise, even though I swapped a few days and skipped a morning workout today in favor of some rest and an evening run.   Here’s a look at what i’ve been up to:

I’ve run a total of 9 miles so far, two days of 4.5 miles.   Happily, despite being sick, I’ve been able to keep both runs at under a 10 minute pace.

I’ve done two mornings of XT on the bike and have been trying out different workout programs to keep from getting bored.

This week I also joined a gym!  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went to a class on my own for the first time ever.   Despite feeling drained and sniffly – I wanted to start making the most of my money right away.  So I took my first Body Combat class last night.  The class was SO Much fun – a high intensity mix of different Martial Art forms.  It was great to get back into some kickboxing moves and to be sweaty and out of breath.  I did some lifting before hand too, so my body is TIRED today.   I love that achy sore muscle fatigue that lets you know you did it right 🙂  I can’t wait to go back next week for another Body Combat class and to start mixing in other classes into my routine.

Lifting wise, I was sort’ve slacking this week, despite increasing my weights last night when lifting.  I”d really like to start seeing some change in muscle definition and I’m worried that the same old lifts just aren’t cutting it anymore – anyone out there have some lifting advice for how to tone up the arms???

Even though I’ve been half sick for the 2nd part of the week, I’ve really felt my best during and after a workout and even though its probably more of a mental thing, those smoothies I made the other night just make me feel 10X better and i’ve been on a HUGE greens kick ever since.  Almost every meal, while relatively unexciting this week, has included some sort of greens.  I just feel better after eating them, I even jazzed up some already delicious leftover Pad Thai with a mix of sauted brussel sprouts, kale and broccoli.  Ob.sessed.

And now, I am off to enjoy some hot tea with a bit of homemade bitters in it and fight to stay awake – 8:30 is an acceptable bedtime, right???


PS for your viewing pleasure – here’s some of my favorite quotes this week that have kept me going.   The first is from my Body Combat class last night and the pictures can be found on my pinterest boards, some “pinspiration” if you will…

“This is a fight and in a fight, somebody’s gotta win and somebody’s gotta lose.”  Don’t. Lose.



So true for this week.