It has taken me forever to embrace the lettuce wrap. Namely because I am the worst at assembling them. But on Friday Night Tacopalooza, in our attempt to save a few bucks, we opted out of getting a new box of taco shells and instead use up the extras we had in the fridge (we eat tacos, a lot). While I applaud our sense of frugality and non wastefulness, most of the shells were relegated to being salad toppers. So in a stroke of luck, genius, desperation, I put some filling in a lettuce leaf and now I’m obsessed.

True story.


Snow day!

March 6, 2013


Looking forward to putting a serious dent in my tea collection and this book. Happy Wednesday!

March 1st

March 1, 2013


It may be decaf, but I’m on cup 2

February was a bit rough for this gal, ok, but a bit stressful. Add in a week of not falling asleep or staying asleep, let’s just say I’m happy to see March. Bring on Spring, sunshine, more sleep, less stress, one or two birthdays and a whole lotta smiles.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!