The Pinnacle

November 20, 2013

Ya’ll,  I have reach the pinnacle of vegan cooking.

pizza 2

Homemade Vegan Pizza.  Worth eating.  I know.

pizza 1

Forgive the awful cell phone pictures, but this was just too good not to share.  Honest to goodness Mom & Pop pizza  feel and taste to it.  I’ve made this pizza twice now.  I followed the recipe for this pizza dough both times.  The first I did a nice over night dough rise (and made my own sauce, per her instructions).  The second time, I threw it together on a Sunday afternoon and used up the last of some store bought pizza sauce we had in the fridge.   I added some slices of Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese and kept my fingers crossed that the cheese would melt a bit (a common Vegan cheese problem).

The words “wait…which one is mine” and “aw man, yours looks better” were heard in my kitchen that night.  Glorious glorious words.    I think the secret was putting the cheese in the oven when it was 500 degrees 🙂  But seriously, that dough?  Magical.  I’ve already turned a few people onto it, while becoming a total addict myself.   There is literally nothing I have made and/or adapted from Smitten Kitchen that has not tasted amazing.  I forsee many.many.MANY nights of pizza in my future.


2 Responses to “The Pinnacle”

  1. dapperdolly Says:

    Sometimes a good bit of stodgy food is totally necessary lol and that base looks fabulous – so tempting. As for the cheese – perhaps there’s a mozerella version accessible to you in store or online? Those ones don’t taste great cold as they’re made for cooking and melt really well.

    • krhtoday Says:

      I completely agree! 🙂 Its so hard to beat a pizza craving without the pizza. The indulgence was totally worth it. As for the pizza dough, it is delicious. Plain and simple. We have a decent selection of vegan cheeses in our grocery store, I usually nab the daiya slices for sandwiches or when I need shredded cheese. I liked the Follow your Heart for this since I could make my own “chunks” of mozzarella to melt onto the pizza 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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