Oh Earl

January 22, 2013



Because baseball season can’t come soon enough.


warning:¬† some foul language involved, its Earl Weaver, whatya expect ūüėČ



Good moods all around!

October 12, 2012

Warning: I am in a ridiculously awesome mood.¬† From a good workout last night, ruining dinner, then saving dinner by improvising (SUCH a great feeling), the O’s coming through and making this a 5 game series against the Yankees (lets go Os!) all the way through to this morning, an early morning feel good workout (Bodypump!), a bright and chipper outfit and a cup of decaf sitting in front of me.¬†Oh.¬† And its FRIDAY.¬† No big.

That’s a lot of chipper so lets take it a few at a time shall we?

Last night:

Since I’m not actively training for a race (does the Color run count?), I’m trying to focus on workouts that I want to do rather than the workouts on my training schedule (such freedom!).¬† It took a few weeks to break out of the routine and the mental bashing if I didn’t get in a sweaty hard and fast run 3X a week, but now I’m in a much better place when it comes to workouts and I’m looking forward to them again.¬† Earlier this week I hopped on the treadmill for a hilly 30′ walk and hit up my yoga class on Wednesday night.¬†Yesterday, coming home from work I wanted a workout, but my knee has been a little sore lately, so I started off with 20 minutes of hills and resistance on the bike before switching over to the treadmill for 10 minutes of incline walking, 5 minutes of running and¬†a 5 minute cool down.¬† Was it a full 40 minutes of solid running? Nope.¬† Did I feel great at the end? Yup.

So.¬† Lets talk what else happened last night.¬† Dinner happened.¬† My original plan was to make some stuffed poblano peppers.¬† In theory it worked, but I left them sit in the oven a little too long (oops) and since my husband had a rough day at work, I opted to admit defeat on this one and offer to run out and pick him up a frozen pizza.¬† The tough thing about eating Vegan is that you’re a little limited on frozen pizza options at the smaller grocery shops.¬† Womp Womp.¬† So instead of grabbing a frozen vegan burrito loaded with salt, I opted for an improvisation of my semi-failed dinner.¬† What I ended up with was a delicious version of a personal pizza (vegan) and used up some of dinner (the rest for lunch today!).¬† Not only did I have a meal that even B said looked pretty good, I felt pretty awesome about not wasting food.

Has anyone seen or tried the foldit¬†breads from Flatouts?¬† I grabbed the¬†5 grain flax variety which are 99 calories, deliciously soft and vegan! Perfect for sandwiches¬†or you know…failed dinner fixes.¬†¬†I just spread some tomato paste on one, chopped up one of the stuffed poblanos and threw it on top.¬† Into the oven to crisp up (which it did perfectly, I might add) and boom!¬† DIY impromptu vegan pizza.¬†

I finished off the night with one of these puppies.   I can and have made my own, but these are like a slightly richer version of a reeses.  And sometimes convenience just wins out.  So good. 

This morning:

I had my usual 5:45 Bodypump + CRX workout class.¬† It wasn’t as crowded as usual this morning, which made it nice for some more interaction with the other girls.¬†

Afterwards I felt so great that I thought about it long and hard and opted to indulge in a cup of decaf coffee for the morning. 

You may think this is no big deal, but here’s the thing.¬† Since last Tuesday, I’ve been trying to filter out the coffee and caffeine consumption, trying to learn to make the distinction between wanting the coffee and being addicted to caffeine.¬† Surprisingly ( to me) the detox hasn’t actually been that difficult.¬† I went for green tea last Tuesday and switched to herbal teas for the rest of the week.¬† I haven’t really missed the coffee OR caffeine (and mint tea is so envigorating anyhow!).¬† I indulged in a small cup on the weekend and it definitely made me a bit more jittery than usual.¬† So this morning, after not craving coffee at all, the weather was crisp, I was in a great mood and just felt the need for something alittle richer and cozier.¬† But I wasn’t tired, I was wide awake and I in no way wanted the caffeine.¬† So with all of that in mind, I felt great in indulging in a steamy cup of decaf (who AM I?!) with some creamy hemp milk.¬† Its the perfect way to jump start my weekend!¬† Well, that and a bright pink scarf

bright colors make me smile!

and this adorable face:

Seriously.  Kills me every time. 

Speaking of weekends, I’ve got a semi-busy one planned with an evening of kitchen goodies, baseball games and a¬†day trip up to Lancaster on the books.¬† How about you??¬† Anyone else trying to cut back the caffeine and coffee?


My Sunday was Awesome

October 8, 2012

This weekend I had the incredibly awesome chance to experience an Orioles post-season playoff game against the Yankees.¬†Needless to say, with 4 hours of sleep last night (we didn’t get to sleep until 2 am!), I opted for no body pump this morning and I’m super glad I thought enough ahead to pack a nourishing lunch before we left for the game.¬†¬† It was definitely chilly and damp, so I’ll need all the help I can get to keep from getting sick, but it was so worth it.

Even though the loss was a bummer, it takes nothing away from getting to experience a stadium FULL of chants and orange towels.


BUCKle up!

Despite the 3 hour rain delay and a very cold night, we were all smiles. Especially when they rolled the tarp OFF the field. 

So a big HUGE thank you to the Orioles for an amazing night, win or lose, rain or no rain, (sleep or no sleep, ahem) we had a freakin blast. 




Play ball!1

October 5, 2012

Night one of the playoffs!


It’s been a productive week at work, so I’ll leave you with happy Friday friends!



Another busy, but good week at work calls for another great ending. Let’s go O’s!


August 17, 2012

A good week deserves a beer, a bar and some baseball.


Seriously.  Its Monday again, already?  Where on earth did our weekend go??

You guys are going to think all I do is cook and eat anymore. ¬†And sometimes, I’d say you’d be right! ¬†We had our friends over for the weekend, and while it is sadly devoid of pictures of activities such as a brewery tour and a baseball game, I did manage to take some delectable shots of food I made for you. ¬†Aren’t I sweet?

Dusting some scones


Saturday’s spread


I’m really sorry for that last shot. ¬†It was pretty mean of me to show you something so deadly delicious so early in the morning. ¬†But I did it anyways. ¬†You guys are serious troopers. Those brownies are a slightly tweaked (and 100% NOT Vegan) version of who else, but¬†my new obsession. ¬† Clearly, mine looked nothing like hers. ¬†But they still tasted good enough for me to instruct Brandon to take the rest of them into work with him so they didn’t have to occupy my dining room table for longer than absolutely necessary. ¬†They’re definitely one of those sweet treats you always seem to crave, but regret taking a larger piece of than you intended.


As for my Marathon Monday training update.


That should sum it up nicely for you, no? ¬†Last week, I left you with the cliff hanger of “did she? didn’t she?” in regards to my 7 mile long run on Monday. ¬†Which I did do. ¬†I was super proud of myself, albeit cursing my “great idea” the entire time. Especially since I felt it was a great idea to do it after my lifting set. ¬†Luckily, that time I was smart and remembered to bring my water along. ¬†Which was heavy and annoying, but absolutely necessary. ¬†I followed that up with a not-so-great 3 miler the next day. ¬† The heat managed to kick my butt that go-round and I was happy to get back to my ac’d apartment. ¬†And after that, I declared my Wednesday a well deserved rest day. ¬†Which turned into a rest for the rest of the week. ¬†I was hot, tired and had a pretty annoying muscle tweak in my hip. ¬†Enough to make me favor it going up and down the steps. ¬†And so it goes ad I didn’t get anymore runs or workouts in for the rest of the week. ¬† I could blame the heat, working out outside in 100+ degree heat isn’t always a good idea. ¬†But there’s always the gym, there’s always cross training and no matter how many times I may slow down or stop to take a walk, its always a workout in the books afterwards.

I do, however, put a huge portion of the blame of my lethargy on my food lately. ¬†I have had a distinct lack of fruit, veggies and protein and whole grains, replaced with easy meals that ¬†don’t always have “balanced and nutritious” in mind. (Ahem..see brownies above?). ¬†There’s also been an alarming decrease of water intake these days, with more of a tendency to nurse ¬†a cup of coffee for a day, instead of finishing the coffee and switching to water.

Given my direct link between what I eat and how I feel, I don’t have much hopes for today either. ¬†This weekend’s gluttony (although, in retrospect, could have been FAR worse – but remains less than admirably healthy) has left me with all the more reason to lace up the running shoes and get out there and get it done, but no physical energy to do so. ¬†So its back to the (have we heard this before?) conscious effort of what i’m eating, why and how this week.

And keep the fingers crossed for some cooler temperatures.

How was your weekend?